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About Optimisations - Leading UK Internet Marketing Company

Optimisations have been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, specialising in web development, internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), applying our skills on small, medium and large projects, some of which have been in an enormously competitive market, for example the insurance and home improvement industry, both of which are said to be one of the hardest to promote on the internet due to its competitiveness. We feel that having applied our skills and succeeded in what is said to be the most challenging of markets and search terms on the internet, and of course the skills we have obtained over the past 10 years puts us in the best possible position to bring any company out of the dark.. So Optimisations was born.

There is a real need for companies to understand just how important internet marketing and search engine optimization is needed.. So many companies throw thousands of pounds into PPC ( Pay Per Click ) and Directory Listings without realising how it could be effecting there own websites performance and ranking. Pumping finances into a internet marketing and their website, thinking that's enough to generate visitors and sales. Yet if they new that if they spent just a small amount of that budget on search engine optimisation, this alone could be enough to increase visitors and in turn sales from their website. PPC is very expensive, but you could cut that cost just by having a website that is search engine optimised. Don't get me wrong PPC is a great way to promote your services, but wouldn't it be nice if you could take PPC or leave PPC - In other words use it as and when you need a boost, rather than having to use it.

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* Please note our promotion of a Free iPod Nano for all new clients is available only to clients that sign up to a 12 month contract, and will be supplied at the end of their first contract term.

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