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Over the last 20 years weI have worked with some of the largest Brands in the UK, Directly and Indirectly. Whether it be brand reputation, writing news articles, blogs, Search engine optimisation or Viral Marketing, I feel I have been in this industry long enough to advise current and potential clients on how best to not only market their product online but more importantly how to protect it once it is out there. I like many other company Managers, Director and Owners have been worried about the current economic climate, and the knock on effect that America’s own economic problems have and will have on us. I am not an economist but a marketing consultant and can reduce the effect by optimising your marketing.

I was once told that ‘No News is Good News’ and that ‘Any Press even Bad Press is Good Press’. However in this day and age of the internet and online marketing, forums and consumer sites…. Is any Press Good? Well I can tell you that it’s not.Now you might think that I am stating the obvious – but believe me, you will be astounded at how many company directors and managers are not even aware of the bad press about their company online. They may have a full blown e-commerce website, or a simple online brochure style site, Some may spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds a year in advertising, PPC Campaigns, Email Marketing, and Brand Awareness Videos; you name it, and they have spend large marketing budgets on it. Yet do they actually know what customers are saying and writing about their brand, products, salesmen, staff and company? If I told you that they didn’t would that shock you? Or are you one of them? If I told you, that I have reduced companies cancellation rates by some 45% then how much extra would that mean to your companies annual profit?

Many companies see their online sales drop month on month and they blame the current economic climate – yet in many cases this is not the source of their problems. BAD PRESS ONLINE is the problem. WHY? Well today consumers use the web to make buying decisions. A vast majority buy offline, but they go online to research, read reviews and get opinions from other consumers of that company product or brand.In today’s market and with the huge growth of consumer-generated media, such as blogs, forums, news sites, network sites and message boards, information can be quickly generated and indexed by search engines. So it is important to listen to what is being said online, especially if messages and posts are negative. Search for your company name on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing and see what results are returned.

Successful organizations are aware of the importance of Brand Reputation. A positive reputation brings trust, confidence, and sales, which are ultimately reflected in revenue growth and profitability. Bad reputation can and often does lead to a decrease in consumer confidence, and in turn, a reduction in revenue and profits. And by the time negative news gets out it is often too late, especially with the rate bad press can multiply and spread on the internet. It simply spreads like a virusSo again I ask you this IN THE CURRENT ECONOMIC CLIMATE – CAN YOU AFFORD TO LET YOUR BRAND SUFFER ONLINE? And that why you need to protect your brand and use some of you budget to counter-act the Bad Press and Reviews. The cost can be small in comparison to the financial rewards.


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