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Website Analytics
Website Analytics
  • Professional web analytics software to track your web site
  • unique visitors, visitor behavior, search engines
  • online commerce and advertising campaigns
  • The ultimate solutions for sized businesses with the need for advanced campaign
  • web site traffic analysis!

Website Analytics

Here at optimisations we will implement tracking software that will give us an in depth look at the workings of your website, we can track where visitors are coming from, what search terms they used, what page they landed and left at. In fact everything we need know about your site. If you choose optimisations to take control of your google adwords campaigns then we will even track how each campaign is performing, giving you the best ROI (Return On Investment)

Analytics is as important as the website optimization, it is essential to know exactly what pages are performing and which ones are not.

Optimisations will help you to monitor the success of your search engine optimisation and pay-per-click campaigns with regular monthly (or weekly) reports on your website traffic, keyword ranking and conversion data.

How do Analytics work?

Web analytics works by simply tracking visitors activity on your website. When someone visits your site, the pages they view, the paths they take, and the places they come from are tracked. All this information is essential to website owners, more importantly it is essential to an internet marketing company like us.

Optimisations recommend using Urchin Web Stats, Urchin was recently acquired by Google. In our opinion it is one of the most complete and most powerful traffic analysis programs which produces detailed and easy-to-understand online website reports. Urchin 6, now renamed Google Analytics provides statistics which are invaluable in measuring and planning sales and online marketing data.

If you have an e-commerce site, we can track which key-phrases work and actually convert into an enquiry or sale, just by simply inserting a small piece of 'tracking code' on certain pages. This technique is known as 'conversion tracking software'. Optimisations can implement this code for you.

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